Hiking in Paklenica





Hiking is the only way to really get to know Paklenica. The Park area contains more then 150km of trails and paths, from those prepared for tourists, leading through the canyons Velika and Mala Paklenica, to those prepared for mountaineers, leading to the highest peaks of Velebit, Vaganski vrh(1.757m) and the Sveto brdo(1.753m).

Here we will introduce you to a few the most visited trails. For mountaineering trails we reccommend you to use specialized mountaineering maps availible at the Park entrance and at the souvenir shops. There are also half-day and wholeday guided tours through the Park.

   The most popular trails in Paklenica National Park

Velika Paklenica – Anića luka –  Lugarnica – Paklenica Mountain Hut

  • route difficulty 1.5/5
  • walking time 2 hours
  • vertical drop 400 m
  • features on thje trail Paklenica mills, Velika Paklenica Canyon, karstic phenomena, stream falls, climbing area, Anića kuk rock, Lugarnica forest cottage, hut in Paklenica at the foot of mountain villages of Parići and Ramići.

Velika Paklenica – Anića luka – Manita peć

  • route difficulty 2/5
  • walking time 1,5 hours
  • vertical drop 450 m
  • features on the trail a panoramic view of the cliffs of Anića kuk, Jurasova glavica and Manita peć (Zub od Manite peći), Manita peć cave

Velika Paklenica – Paklenica mill – Paklarić Fort

  • route difficulty 1.5/5
  • walking time 1 hour
  • vertical drop 120 m
  • features on the trail the old mill, the viewpoint with panoramic view to the sea and the mountains, educational boards, karstic phenomena, Paklarić Fort.

Reception –  V. Paklenica – Anića luka – Grabove doline – Njive lekine – Mala Paklenica – Seline

  • route difficulty 4/5
  • walking time 6 hours
  • vertical drop 650 m
  • features on the trail Velika Paklenica Canyon, black pine and beech woods, Vodarica pit, Kapljarka cave, karstic phenomena, Mala Paklenica Canyon.