Apartments Nova

Apartments Nova are located in Starigrad-Paklenica, who have a beach located only 100m on one side, and on the other there is the view of Velebit. If you are an active person, and you love to spend your summer vacations actively, our apartments are just the place! If you want to, you could spend your whole summer vacation on the beach, catching the rays of sun, swimming and bathing. And if you find that kind of vacation a bit boring, you can hike, bike or rock climb through the nature park Paklenica, just a 2,5km from the apartments.

Post office, bank, market, drug store and the citiy centre are just 200 meters from the apartments. Starigrad is just a 15 minutes ride from the highway, and the nearest airport is the one in Zadar, only 40km of distance.

All the apartments have 3 stars, and are placed in 2 buildings, with overall of 36 beds + 14 extra beds. We have the access of 14 apartments, from which 9 of them are smaller ones (2+1) in the building B, and 5 of them are bigger (4+1, 3+1) in the building A. Parking spaces are secured next to the buildings, and you get to use a common area in the building B, along side the outdoor barbecues.

About Starigrad

Starigrad-Paklenica is the centre of Paklenica riviera which originated from the foundation of ancient citiy Argyruntum. Today, it is a lively touristic place with just a bit over a thousand residents, who replaced their traditional way of living on the slopes of Velebit with living by the sea, half a century ago.

Due to the proximity and accessibility of the mountain, especially the atractive canyon Velika Paklenica, Starigrad is not just a pleasant summer resort, but a traditional gathering point of climbers, alpinists, adventurers and scientists, and all the nature lovers who come to enjoy the beauties of Paklenica and Velebit. While enjoying the cristal clear sea, your view stops on the magnificent canyons Velika i Mala Paklenica, deeply cut into the mountain Velebit right above you. And in that moment, you have no idea that those canyons are responsible for surprising profoundness of natural pebble beaches of Paklenica Riviera.

Starigrad, on the whole, is located in protected natural sorroundings, because Velebit, along with the coast, is protected by the status of Nature park. Canyons Velika and Mala Paklenica, with sorrounding forests enjoy even bigger protection status, and have been proclaimed National park in 1949., which makes Paklenica the second oldest National park in Croatia (after the National park Plitvice).
Favorable climatic conditions in this area are marked by permeation of mild mediteranean and harsh mountain climate. That is the reason for a large number of sunny days during the year, and the air favors people with respiratory problems and heart illness. There are 5 (Paklenica, Kornati, Krka, Plitvice lakes, North Velebit) of the 8 croatian National parks in the proximity, and 3 of the Nature parks (Velebit, Telašćica, Vransko lake).
City of Zadar – the centre of the region, is 45 km away, and from the construction of the highway Paklenica Riviera is jos 2-3 hour ride from the bigger croatian cities, Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. Except by the roads, Paklenica Riviera is connected with the rest of the world by air, train and boats.